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FABLOX 2.0 is an advanced robot for storing and dispensing drugs in pharmacies. Its operation is simple and intuitive - after the pharmacist enters the drug names into the system, the robot locates and delivers them to the dispensing basket in seconds.

Automatic drug loading as standard
Package unloading 3-8 seconds
Constant monitoring of inventory
Full synchronization with any pharmacy system
Advanced security systems
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Compose a FABLOX tailored to your needs and the size of your pharmacy. After free measurements at the customer's site, our designer will prepare a design of the device maximally adapted to the room, capabilities and requirements of the pharmacy.

Modular expansion of the device
Possibility to expand with external conveyor belts
Customizable device
Available heights: 230/255/280/305/330 cm
Depths available: 86/96 cm
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In cooperation with our graphic designers, you can design the exterior of the device. The surface of the glass can be printed in any way, and the color of the housing can be selected from the RAL palette .

The high aesthetics of the machine encourage the robot to be displayed on the sales floor. In addition, LCD screens or self-leveling display shelves can be placed on the front of the machine.

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Gravity never fails, and neither does FABLOX. By consciously minimizing the number of sensors and any moving parts, and designing the robot based on the action of gravity, it is virtually failure-free.

Thanks to this idea, FABLOX will not generate huge repair and service costs.

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Quick to install

With the pre-prepared modules, the installation of the robot in the pharmacy takes a total of no more than 24 h!

This is a solution that will not disrupt the rhythm of the pharmacy, and thus the daily work of the pharmacist.

If a pharmacy has individual needs, it is possible to expand FABLOX with more modules, add a conveyor belt system or implement any other necessary solution.

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What sets Fablox 2.0 apart ?

Safety of use

The Fablox robot has an extensive and advanced safety system. It allows not only risk-free use of the machine by operators, but also safe storage of drugs.


We provide a high level of service, which is guaranteed by our qualified team. Thanks to remote control, we are able to respond immediately to our customers' requests.


In order to provide our customers with comfort and a sense of security, we offer a 3-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts and a 5-year warranty on the robot housing.


The Fablox robot double-scans the 1D and 2D codes of all loaded drugs. The robot recognizes the package by the 1D or 2D code, measures it and transports it to the appropriate shelf.

Unlimited possibilities

You ordered and installed 4 modules, but have a need to expand the robot? No problem! We will add the appropriate number of them, install a conveyor belt system or any other required solution. Our engineers are constantly working to increase the capabilities and functionality of FABLOX.


The robot monitors inventory of drugs, and their expiration dates. Automatically downloading invoices from the sales system, it also verifies incoming deliveries.



correctly dispensed drugs


more time to talk to the customer


more space for storing medicines


less time spent in the warehouse


more customers served per day


unpreserved drugs in stock

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Where to find Fablox?

Please contact our traders. Offers are prepared individually for the customer, depending on the number of pieces and transportation costs.

We are looking for distributors!

We are looking for distributors for FABLOX! Join our team and be part of a revolution in the pharmacy industry. We are pioneers in developing innovative pharmacy robots that are transforming the way pharmacies operate and manage. If you are interested in partnering and want to expand your portfolio with future-proof technology, contact us. We welcome partnerships with distributors who share our passion for innovation and the pursuit of excellence in patient service.

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What if there is a power outage or failure?

In the event of a power outage, the unit is equipped with a UPS emergency power supply, which will allow ongoing processes to be completed safely. The device is designed so that in the event of a complete power cut, the operator can open the door and manually retrieve the required packages. Once the power is turned on, the robot will inventory itself.

How many people can use a FABLOX robot at one time?

With an independent loading and unloading system, the robot can be operated simultaneously by 3-6 operators. Five use the systems that sell and perform the unloading processes, and one handles the loading of the robot.

Does the installation of the FABLOX robot involve remodeling the pharmacy?

No! The modular design and its dimensions allow the machine to be brought in through a standard door. To operate the machine, all you need is power and network access to synchronize the computer with the robot.

Can I test the FABLOX robot before I buy it?

ak! We invite you to our showroom in Paczków near Poznań, where you can test the robot, check its advantages and talk about such issues as financing.

Is the robot economical?

Yes! The robot system goes into automatic standby mode when there are no new commands set. The return to work mode is immediate.

Will my staff be able to handle the robot?

Yes, the operation of the robot is very simple and intuitive. Of course, only authorized persons are allowed to work at the machine, so we provide training at our company's headquarters at the time of purchase, and after installation in the pharmacy we still repeat the refresher training with the staff.

Are the drugs safe?

Yes! The safety of medicines as well as employees is supervised by an extensive security system. Unauthorized access to the robot is protected by a system to which only authorized employees can log in. In addition, the robot is equipped with a set of cameras and a perimeter security system that blocks operation in case of danger.

Will I connect the FABLOX robot to my software?

The robot software works on a plug-in basis. Although it was designed in cooperation with KAMSOFT software connecting it to other software is not a problem.

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